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UnCategorized Getting a website number one in a list is easy and being number one in rank is a piece of cake but problem is, does your website rank number one in all search engines? The answer is probably no. Being number one in all search engines and in all websites is very tiring and takes most of your resources because advertising will require you to pay for your website to be advertised. All you need is a bit of research and show to be ranked one. Lets Start Promoting: So you want to be number one but couldn’t find the time and resources to do the job. It’s a lot easier. If you want to be successful with your site, then knowing the valuable steps is a must. As an individual and a common customer yourself, you must know what people are looking for the most and what similar keywords they would use to find a specific site. Making your site visible to everyone is important, so when they search, your website is always there. The site should have visible and most used keywords so your site will appear in the top ten or even top one. And increasing links to your website is as good as anyone can tell. When a searcher comes to a certain website but is not satisfied, your visible link is there to offer what the current site has not. Having your own website is not enough. A single owned website does nothing until you place duplicates of it on the web. It may contain minor details but a blown up image or advertising front with a link to your website. Placing spiders in search engines that crawl into your site can be sneaky and effective. Popular websites such as yahoo, msn, and google have reached and stayed on top search engines for a time now. The Goal: The main mission of search engine specialization or otherwise called as SEO is to be famous or to get the best ranking. To achieve this, one must be aware that there are two steps in getting this process. The first step is to get information from the industry such as major keywords to let the engine knows what it is that they are looking for. But this process may take a long time because inside a search engine is a spider like web where everything is connected to something. The second step lets SEO optimize or improve websites is to lessen or destroy other sites techniques. In this way, it will be a race for the finish line. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: