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Internet-and-Business-Online Pay Per Click (PPC) Management on Search Engine Success Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is extensively used as an online marketing tool, either as part of an SEO campaign or as a standalone service. PPC is a paid placement service where you can place targeted ads on search engines results pages as well as on websites. Unlike a natural search engine optimization campaign that takes time to achieve results, a PPC advertising campaign promises instant results. It is also cost-effective, as you pay nothing to be featured on the search engines results page. Instead, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. YELLOW7 provides organizations and SEO firms with an eclectic blend of PPC Advertising Solutions ranging from PPC Campaign Management to PPC Bid Management and Internet Advertising to ensure that your website ranks higher on PPC search engine listings and attracts targeted traffic. for more details visit to . PPC advertising provides seasonal or new products and service launches with the initial thrust necessary for success. It also provides websites that are otherwise unable to attain top rankings on search engines with an opportunity to rank highly. Google and Overture PPC Search Engines Google and Overture are highly sought after by Internet marketers because of their enormous reach and ROI. Both search engines allow you to select target keywords and keyword phrases, choose a landing page and submit modified titles and representations for each keyword. Your ad then appears in Google and Overture search results, as well as within their search partner networks. Coupled with the experience of our SEO experts, in-house proprietary technology and a strong relationship with search engines, YELLOW7 benefits you with a quantifiable PPC advertising campaign. Our PPC goal does not end here – we help you progress to the next level through management of your PPC campaign that adapts to the constantly evolving PPC landscape, as well as to your changing business requirements. Paid Inclusions Index Instantly If you feel that the natural search engine optimization process is a lengthy and time-consuming process, then Paid Inclusion Campaign Management (PICM) is best for you. PICM benefits you with quick and updated indexing of your website and specific pages. At the same time, paid website submission attracts qualified traffic to your website or specific landing pages. While paid website submission services do not guarantee top search engine rankings, it does guarantees your websites inclusion in the database. Our Paid Inclusion Campaign Management Solutions (PICMS) are designed to complement your natural search engine optimization initiatives and guide you in making strategic paid inclusion purchase decisions. We have established relationships with major search engines providing paid inclusion programs and ensure that your website gets top listings in all major search engines and directories. YELL skilled team of SEO experts research your website to select specific web pages for inclusion in paid inclusion campaign programs. Several search engines like Yahoo!, AltaVista, Fast and others charge advertisers a fee to get their web pages indexed quickly. Though these pages reside within the natural search results, they are not labeled as paid. For websites with many pages or URLs, the inclusion is done via XML feeds – a technology that allows pages deep within a site, such as a service page five levels below the homepage, to be indexed almost immediately. XML feeds are priced on a fixed cost-per-click rate, without any keyword bidding. However, creating an XML feed is not enough; optimizing it is important. It feed optimization solutions include performance analysis, managing to ROI and branding metrics, keyword analysis, title and description edits to include a call to action and price point mentions. This service is ideal for e-commerce websites that update inventory on a regular basis. New products can be quickly integrated into the paid inclusion campaign, while out of stock items can be easily removed. It must be noted that paid inclusion can be more cost effective than a paid or sponsored search ad. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: