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America, we have a big problem obesity. You can’t deny it, each year our population is getting bigger. wherever you go, you are likely to see far more people who are overweight than those with a normal, healthy weight. All ages are affected by the obesity epidemic, from the very young to the elderly. Obviously, America has a crisis on its hands. The health problems in the United States are getting worse. The statistics are alarming. Since the mid 1970’s, the obesity rate rose from 15% to over 32% by 2004. The rate of childhood obesity rose from only 5% to 18%. The population is getting fatter and fatter at a startling rate, causing grave health problems. Having worked for two decades in the healthcare industry, I have observed that there are many adaptations which have had to be made in order to accommodate the larger sized population; order:, :4:extra large wheelchairs and cranes for moving patients are just a few that come to mind. Open MRI machines can accommodate obese patients to a point, but they are limited to only certain exams and the image quality is inferior to the traditional bore magnets. It is such a shame that obese people are being cheated out of quality healthcare because of their size. There are now numerous surgeries which people can undergo as a last resort to help them drop. Lap Band procedures and stomach stapling are very extreme, desperate measures for obese patients who need to lose weight but have failed to lose it on their own. These procedures were unheard of twenty years ago, and now, despite the risks, are widespread. Several diseases are directly linked to being fat. The top disease of obesity is Cardiovascular Disease, which is also the number one killer of Americans today. Other diseases linked to obesity include Osteoarthritis and Sleep Apnea. The impact on our economy of this crisis is overwhelming. Medical costs due to obesity reach way into the billions. With about one fifth of these costs going to Medicare and Medicaid, this places a huge financial burden on us all. If the obesity rates continue to rise at the same rates, and the medical care costs keep climbing as well, how long will it be before our government can no longer foot the bill? When this happens, we will all lose out on the Medicare we have been relying on to take care of us in our old age. With obesity on the rise, what can be done to turn this all around? There are numerous fad diets and diet pills, but do any of them actually work? If they actually did, would there still be such a large population of overweight individuals? Is there an underlying problem causing these overweight individuals to continue to gain even more weight? If you are carrying around extra weight yourself, you need to know this! Do you understand why you have weight gain and bloating? Obviously, when you take in more calories than your body needs for metabolism, you will store fat. When all that food stays inside you too long, you will have bloating and weight gain. But, there is more to it than just eating too much. It’s what’s in the food that is wreaking havoc with your health. Some of the food we consume is so over processed and artificial that it does us more harm than good. Look at the list of ingredients on a box of cookies. I’ll bet you can’t pronounce at least a few of the words. The additives and preservatives we’re putting into our bodies originated in a laboratory, not from nature. Consuming un-natural foods or even natural foods that are improperly handled can cause serious health risks. When we keep ingesting toxins, they build up inside of our intestines where they become a breeding ground for trouble. Improperly washed and handled food can have bad bacteria and parasites. These set up house inside of you and clause a plethora of problems. Get rid of these nasty critters and reap the benefits of having a slimmer and healthier body. You don’t have to let the vicious cycle of obesity continue. There is hope. Stop being fat and lose the fat forever. You can be slim again and have your health restored. For complete details, visit the link below. About the Author: Sharon Hussey, RT (R) (CT) (MR) is a Radiologic Technologist with 20 years experience in Diagnostic Imaging. She is registered to perform various Radiologic procedures including X-rays, Cat Scans, MRI’s, and Ultrasounds. She has devoted her life to helping others by giving attentive care and attention to details to help the Doctors diagnose the patient’s problems. Helping patients overcome obesity is only one of the worthwhile missions she has undertaken. To learn more about how to beat obesity, visit her website: Article Published On: – Arts-and-Entertainment 相关的主题文章: