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Business Iphone 4 is high configured and high camera resolution cell phone that amounted to much more. You can find moreover a few scratches on the iphone 4 black screen even when you work with your iPhone 4 with care. The heat, sweat and moisture can destruction your recently bought cell phone. These pretty much destroy the stylish look of the iPhone 4 and gives it a awkward appearance. These are why we should protect your iphone 4 with the iphone 4 screen protector. There are so many types of cellphone protectors in the market. The Apple iPhone 4 is going on sale on the Apple store on June 24 2010 and the new Apple iPhone 4 phones are expected to reach users who ordered them online on the Apple store early by June 23rd. Apple is also selling unlocked / SIM-free/ no-commitment Apple iPhone 4 phones online on the Apple store UK , Europe and Canada. Needless to say, this has had the effect of several popular iPhone accessories manufacturers especially the iphone 4 cases manufacturers clamoring to offer stylish iPhone 4 accessories to go with the new Apple iPhone 4. There are plenty of resources out which iPhone 4 cases can be made, but leather is just about the most widely used because of its sturdiness and fashionable look. Take the Case-Mate Signature Series and Sena leather cases for example. Case-Mate Signature Series Made from the finest Italian leather, the Case-Mate Signature Series easily snaps to your classy phone without any hassles. Users can choose between the classic and supple Italian Napa leather and the Carbon Fiber pattern leather, but if you ask me, I would surely go for the former as I can customize the case by etching my name on it. Yes, Case-Mate does allow you to customize your case to add that extra sparkle. Whats more, you also get an iPhone 4 screen protection kit free with the Signature leather case. With such exciting features, this leather case for your iPhone 4 is definitely a steal deal! Sena leather cases iPhone 4 leather cases that combine a regular case with a designer wallet are quite in vogue nowadays. Many users want an iPhone 4 case that doubles as a leather wallet. To attract this segment, Sena has come up with a unique book style case called Walletbook. It comes in various colors and two distinct leather types: croco leather and classic leather. The principle function of a iPhone 4 leather case is safeguard and loss prevention of the phone 4 when you have it clipped to your belt or jacket where your device can always be found, it’s much more challenging to lose your cell phone, in order to be ruined, scratched, or stolen. Other than, the several numerous designs of leather cases may also bless you with a skilled and chic look. If you dont want to spend the money on the leather cases, you may waste more to buy the iphone 4 screen replacement . This article originate from the TOPONS.COM , please indicate the source if retweet, thanks very much! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: