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Reference-and-Education Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) has seen an increase in popularity in the past few years and has become the preferred learning platform for many educators as well as students. The following are just some insights on how a virtual learning environment works, its advantages and how it has revolutionized the educational system. VLE What is it? VLE or Virtual Learning Environment is an online learning platform that allows the use of the internet and other online tools to enrich students learning experience. VLE can be divided into two types. The first type is where students and lecturers connect with each other through live feeds. Students can chat with their fellow students and even ask questions from their professors. The second type is where students can learn at their own pace, completing their lessons and submitting their assignments on time. One would find several types of VLE online, including off-the-shelf, open source, or VLE developed specifically by universities to meet their own needs. These types of VLE work differently from one another, although their main function is to provide learning materials to students through the internet. Advantages of VLE for Educators One of the advantages for educators in the VLE is that they can share and make their lectures available for students to download. As the students can download all the materials or courses ahead of time, they can create online study groups to discuss the subject and open up new questions with their instructors thus making their class time conducive to deeper learning. This is a powerful time saver as lecturers can also incorporate their materials with the universitys resources. Some VLE would also allow lecturers to customize their course modules. They can create templates for their students assignments, modules and other study materials. Other materials are uploaded to the VLEs such as audio and video files and several quizzes that students can download from the VLE site. Educators or instructors also have access to assessment tools to determine how far the student has worked on their assignments. Advantages of VLE for Students As some VLE do not require physical presence of the student, many students who enrol in VLs are located in different areas or countries from where the VLE is located. Students can gain access to higher education as well. Another benefit that students have is that, unlike brick and mortar education facilities, VLEs do not discriminate on the students age. Therefore, one can enrol in different classes and work their way towards finishing the course. The online study groups are another advantage for students as they can interact with other students around the world and discuss the course material. How VLE Works VLE is easy and affordable. One can setup their own account without having to download or install software in their computer. Most VLEs are designed in such a way that it is user friendly and both instructors and students can navigate the platform without having the need to be trained. Combined with other Learning Management System (LMS) such as Google Apps, the platform makes learning new things quicker. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: