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Wealth-Building You can never know how the future will shape up, but you can try to shape the future a bit with some planning. The year 2011 seems to be a year with some interesting things shaping up, especially for information marketers, making it worthwhile to start considering them now. Here are a few key things to look out for in the New Year: Tax time is coming soon: This sounds a bit silly and redundant, but I always think its worth mentioning to info marketers at this time of year. Why? To get ready. Its time to get started on your financial records, get your accountant on the phone, and see what taxes you do and do not have to pay. Better yet: find out what new tax benefits you qualify for. As an entrepreneur, its worth noting how this stuff changes and its worth getting on it even before the clock strikes midnight on December 31. Time to go digital: I have complete respect for those who do their jobs with whatever method and tools work best for them. Some journalists insist on using typewriters instead of computers and older architects delight in their drafting tables over new school software. Thats all good. But this can be limiting, time-consuming and sometimes impossible for entrepreneurs. As an info marketer, you might have to come to the realization that you should finally get hip to digital imaging, publish online, or invest in a laptop. Its not a weakness to do this. Modern digital tools were made for you to get your info content out looking nice and to your audience quickly. Its that simple. If you havent already got on the bandwagon, 2011 might be a good time to do so. There really are some great opportunities to be had. Get your cell phone updated: This is worth mentioning to info marketers. No matter how current you are with the modern technological trends, info marketers are known for neither needing nor being interested in a lot of current tech trends. They have everything at home, within arms reach. But if youve been downtown or even around a schoolyard these days, youll see moms, kids, and even grandparents doing everything shy of the kitchen dishes on their cell phones. Texting, Internet surfing, sending documents, its really all at their fingertips. If youre an info marketer who is looking to expand your business, consider getting a new, current cell phone or smartphone to help you with your fieldwork, researching, and communicating on the go. Like me, you may have once had a dim view of cell phones. But the ones today really can be a resource to improving your business. Who knows what new models we will see this coming year, too! Get back to school: I might do this one myself. No one really enjoys going to school, but sometimes they have to. Lets face it: these days, there is a piece of paper for everything. And in certain areas of the professional world, those pieces of paper are necessary to do your job. Information changes all of the time, be it for cars, investments, or even woodworking. As an info marketer, you have to keep up with it. Often it can be in the seminar hall or classroom of a modern institute, college, or continuing education division of a university. Consider going for an upgrade to get that new information that can really bring you up-to-date on your info topic. Being current is valuable to your brain and your wallet at the same time. These days, you have the Holiday Rush, the Winter Blues, and the desire for summer vacation. But soon it will be the New Year. You can start fresh, work hard, and change your information marketing business into something more powerful than it was in 2010. These changes will make your new year a time of success. Get ready for it now! To read more from e-Wealth Daily Bulletin, click here: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: