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Communications There is no question that BlackBerry knows how to do email. In fact, this mighty little wonder does email better than any other device. Of course thats what it was designed for. But what about telephone calls? Todays BlackBerry is just as good if not better than any other device on the market. Where it has historically had some shortcomings has been in the VoIP arena. Thats not to say necessarily that VoIP was not available, just that it did not have wide appeal for the majority of users. This is now definitely a thing of the past. BlackBerry VoIP has matured to the point where it can stand side by side with the other market leaders. BlackBerry VoIP has never been considered to be the devices strong suit, functional perhaps, but not the leading edge. It is certainly not new though. Cisco worked with RIM as early as 2006 to develop a BlackBerry VoIP solution. This was primarily a BlackBerry VoIP solution targeted at enterprise customers. So what has changed? What really has changed is that the whole VoIP market has been exploding. With that explosion has come renewed interest in BlackBerry VoIP. Just recently Skype unveiled its new BlackBerry VoIP solution. While this is not a perfect solution yet (it doesnt quite handle voice mail and file transfers) but it will in the future. The best part is that unlike with the iPhone, Skypes solution for BlackBerry VoIP does not limit users to transmitting via WiFi. If you have a cellular calling plan then you are good to go over cellular lines. This is a very good thing for users who hope to reduce their long distance fees via BlackBerry VoIP. Other providers have jumped into the market with both feet as well. JAJAH, which bills itself as the worlds only complete IP voice and messaging platform, has introduced a BlackBerry VoIP solution which allows users to make calls and receive messages over either WiFI or cellular networks. Truphone, which became popular with its groundbreaking iPhone VoIP application, now has a BlackBerry VoIP product as well. Raketu recently introduced a web-based solution similar to the JAJAH product that is web based and can be accessed using the BlackBerry web browser. The Truphone BlackBerry VoIP solution has been available for some time now and has gotten high marks from some industry experts. These are just some of the services available. There are many others. Each of these BlackBerry VoIP providers offers something a little different and prices their services a little differently. You may find that you need to subscribe to a service in order to receive the full slate of benefits. The browser based BlackBerry VoIP solutions, in particular, are likely to require a fee. As a BlackBerry user one thing you will need to investigate is which VoIP solution will work on your particular model. While the newest models are likely to handle just about any service provider well, you do want to confirm this. Never the less, you are certain to be able to find the perfect VoIP for your needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: