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Health Probably the most burning question on everyones mind when trying to lose weight is how can I lose the belly fat? Losing fat from around your belly is basically a three step process and to be successful you need to take all three of these weight loss secrets seriously. I like to call them the 3 Magic Steps. Just a few short years ago I was in exactly the same position as you are now. I tried every conceivable way to lose the fat around my stomach but it just never seemed to work. But I found the secret and Im going to share it with you today. Before we get into this simple system of how to lose the belly fat you need to understand some of the basics of how exercise and weight loss actually works. When exercising, trying to focus on one part of your body (spot reduction), to remove stored fat is impossible to do. When men train, usually the last place for the fat to go is around the belly. For ladies it tends to be mostly around the hip area. If you want to see some fast results, Ive outlined some simple Magic Steps you can start using today. Most people who want to get rid of their belly fat think that doing as many sit-ups and crunches is the answer. While this is a good way to start to lose the fat, you really need to be exercising the larger muscle groups in order to get your body burning more calories which in turn burns up the fat around your belly. I’d like to share with you "The 3 secret magic steps to lose the belly fat. Magic Step 1 Limit Your Calorie Intake. This is something you can start to do right away. Start by cutting down on the carbs. Excessive amounts of carbs will naturally convert to fat! Avoid foods such as bread, rice and sugars. Magic Step 2 Start A Simple Weight Training Routine. Weight training will help to build muscle. By doing so you will be efficiently burning up around 3 times more calories than you would with a normal cardio workout. Studies have shown that your metabolism keeps working for 3 to four 4 after a 45 minute cardio vascular workout. A weight training workout can keep your metabolism working for up to 48 hours after! Magic Step 3 Include Some Cardio. Using just weights is simply not enough to effectively promote fat loss from around your belly. You should ideally include a form of cardio workout. You will see much faster fat loss results by combining both weights and cardio. It doesnt need to be anything overly taxing. Walking, running or biking would be ideal and you should try to include it within your weight loss system 1 or 2 times per week. Losing belly fat for most people is a difficult task. Without knowing what you are doing wrong, you will be doomed to weight loss failure! Now you understand some of the mechanics behind how to lose belly fat you will be heading in the right direction. So the next time you find yourself saying I want to know how to lose my belly fat just remember the three magic steps! 1. Lower Your Calorie Intake. 2. Begin a Simple Weight Training Regime. 3. Include a Basic Cardio-Vascular Routine. Getting the belly fat off is your first step; you now need to learn how to keep it off! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: