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Over the previous couple of years my husband and I become aware that our daytime jobs are actually nothing more than proper "dead end jobs." We either had to entirely change what we did for a source of revenue and start again from scratch in a new career, or we had to take on a new venture and climb our way back up from there. Obviously both of these options come with their own "pro’s and con’s." We just could not continue the same blueprint every single week: get up in the morning, go to work, come home late in the evenings, have dinner, and go sit in front of the laptop till 23:00 in the evening 5 days a week, most of the time 6 days a week. So, adjust we had to. My husband always says: "You can’t keep adding water in one side of the garden hose hoping and praying you get lemonade or something else out the other end at the end of every month…" "But what do we do? How do you take the first step towards owning and running your very own online home business? Where do we even begin?" I realise that these questions may be staring you in the face like a enormous mountain you have to move with a teaspoon or something! believe me, we have been there. I think the step forward for us came the moment we sat down and put down on paper what we really wanted for our lives. Not necessarily millions in the bank with nice flashy cars and holiday homes all over the world! But rather something else you can’t really put an actual price on. "Time." More precisely, "free time" to do the things we like doing without having to be concerned where the next pay check will come from or how we are going to get through the next month without having to sell our furniture or something like that. Funny as that may sound, there are people who actually have to resort to drastic measures like that. We know people like that in person, but we have been fortunate enough not to have done it ourselves… We found our reasons WHY we HAD to make these transformations in our lives, and it reaches far beyond having a better car, house, furniture, clothes and luxury holidays to name but a few. I won’t lie and say some of those nice things are not part of our dreams and goals, but there are more important things why we have to and are going to reach those goals. I know that some of our friends right at this very moment think that inside our heads there is a bug on a cork floating around and that bug just fell off! And that is why we are doing mad things like starting an online home based business. You too will get mixed reactions like these from your friends and family. The question is, are you going to let them live your life for you by the choices they make for you, or are you going to take control and get your life on track yourself? The fact of the matter is that if you do not have a plan for your own life, the likelihood is someone else already has! So we decided to take one small step in the right direction and attended a free seminar or workshop if you will one Saturday morning. This one was on stock trading, but that’s beside the point. What is of the essence is that we got in contact with people who were thinking differently. People who not only traded stocks and Forex, but who also had other ventures or income streams, such as online home businesses going for them. And I will tell you one thing, once you get yourself to take action and get involved, even if you only stand there and pay attention to what people are talking about, a whole new world will start to take form in front of your eyes. I remember when we came back from that first event! We both were speechless walking back to a tube station. Something happened back then that changed everything for us. And it was not the "bling" or shiny material things that suddenly was within our reach that attracted us, but rather the fact that we noticed how our freedom has been taken away from us and how we got caught up in the "9 to 5 system." The question is: "How do you know what you should go for NOW, and is it a scam or not?" We all know how many sites and promotions there are for online home businesses… Well, you don’t always know and that is why you just have to have confidence in yourself, jump and grow you wings on the way down! Not always though, but every now and then you will have to. BUT, read on how we got to the right people who held us by the hand to start a profitable online home business.. By the way, you discover a lot more from your mistakes than your success! I KNOW there are many people out there who would like to work from home like we do: giving up being stuck in traffic for hours each day, having to get up very early every morning just to have someone breathe down your neck like a hungry lion or something, and repeat the whole process the following day… If the kind of freedom we now have is something you have been thinking about or don’t know where to start from, then maybe it is time for you to take that leap of faith for yourself! We can only show you the way, but you have to come to a decision to take that first step. Perhaps if you also have a good mentor like we do, you too could soon find yourself on a road to success and freedom far beyond what you might be able to expect right now. If you are interested in knowing what we are doing in our online business and how you can get there yourself, then click the link below, "Our Online Business Mentors" to open a new window to our personal mentors. 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