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Marketing-Direct Direct mail marketing is one of the oldest ways of marketing and advertising that is still widely used. It is more personal, targeted and works on an emotional level to convince people to either enquire, buy or sign up. Small businesses and real estate companies still rely on postcards and newsletters over emails and social media campaigns, because the former still manages to work for them to gain customers and improve their brand image. In addition to being targeted and personal, direct mail marketing is also more measurable and affordable when compared to costlier alternatives like radio and TV advertisements. Newsletters, postcards, brochures, calendars; there are many ways this old marketing technique can be executed. In this article we are going to be studying the ways postcards can be improvised to leverage business and marketing initiatives. Advantages of Custom Postcard Printing No envelopes – People automatically presume enveloped mail as junk and dont bother to open it. However, this doesnt happen with postcards as they come without envelopes and prompt the reader to at least glance the subject of the mail. This ensures higher conversion. Cheap – Custom postcards are very cheap when they are printed using variable printing services which offer an array of design templates, handwritten fonts and targeted printing for cheaper rates. Targeted – Like every other direct mail marketing collateral, custom postcards are targeted too and customized to please the targeted audience. However, this customization is clearly visible on postcards with no envelopes, hence making them the most ideal option for targeted marketing. Things to Consider during Custom Postcard Printing Provided one follows the below mentioned tips with care and perfection, postcards will turn out to be an amazing piece of direct mail marketing. Design – Design is probably the most important aspect to consider during custom postcard printing. This is because, since postcards are devoid of envelopes already, attractive design could be an added advantage to further lure the customer into reading the postcard. You can target your customers based on their age, sex and region using different design templates. Size – Since postcards dont have envelopes, it is preferable that they are visibly big to ignore. 8.5×5.5, 6×9 and 6×11 are few of the most widely accepted postcard sizes. It is believed in the direct mail industry that larger postcards gain more attention and receive better responses than smaller ones. Print Paper – Since postcards have no envelopes, it must be ensured that the print paper used is thick and strong. It is advised that one choose a 16-point paper during custom postcard printing and have it UV coated to get a rich, lustrous surface finish and accentuated colors. Handwritten Font – To make the postcard more personal and heartwarming, it is advised that the content and the mailing address is written in handwritten font. During custom postcard printing, these handwritten fonts can be uploaded to the printing system and customized to each customer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: