The queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will visit UEA to visit the national cultural and artistic histo 江西撞人案被枪决 宋仲基霸气告白

on Friday 27 January, the University of East Anglia (UEA) will usher in the glory of the queen of England with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) visit, when the famous UEA Sainsbury Centre will hold a symbol of national culture and arts exhibition history of fiji.

the same day, the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be welcomed by the president of the UEA and the High Commissioner for Fiji in the United Kingdom, followed by an exhibition called "Fiji: the art and life of the Pacific".

queen will also be interviewed by the organizers of the exhibition, the staff of the Sainsbury Centre, UEA student union representatives and UEA’s students in fiji.

University of East Anglia

UEA President David Richardson said, the royal family and UEA has a long connection, the first visit of Queen Elizabeth S in 1968". He believes that in UEA, the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be greatly welcomed by the teachers and students and local people.

1968, Queen Elizabeth’s first visit to UEA

"The Sainsbury Centre is the UEA and even the crown of the city of Norwich, a shining pearl of culture, to lead the queen to visit the exhibition held here will be my great honor." Principal said.

The Centre for Arts Visual, UEA


opened in 1978 Sainsbury Centre collection of the Robert couple donated to the UEA’s private cultural works of art, the exhibition center is the famous architect Norman ·, sir Forster’s debut. Today, Sainsbury Centre is one of the UK’s largest and most outstanding university art centers.

‘s visit will be the third visit of Queen Elizabeth S to UEA, and the royal family’s visit to the country for the eighth time.

UEA’s creative writing program and the Institute for international development have both won the Prize (The Queen’s Anniversary), the UK’s most prestigious award for higher education. In 2016, INTO UEA also won the Award prize for the study of international trade company (The Queen’s).

the core of the exhibition will be a new production of Fiji’s traditional catamaran canoe, which was held last year in Windsor Castle;