Huanglong Danang Kameyama twelve king free of charge, selected the first batch of municipal Lukou fu 方媛返沪父母接机 小悦悦不幸离世

yellow Danang Kameyama twelve scene "free and open

has been to Huanglong Danang visitor may remember, in the entrance of the Yan Lake in a secluded hill, it is named because of the shape of the turtle turtle. In the past the traffic inconvenience, only a trail for farmers to pass, the tourists can only regret the far view this beautiful place.

but in the future, visitors can walk into the lake overlooking the Yan Kameyama, the waves, overlooking the front of the mountains, close to feel a different kind of natural scenery and historical culture!

in 2016, launched the beautiful village Huanglong Danang upgrading works in improving the internal hardware and software environment of the scenic spot at the same time, to create, to mention a peripheral part of nodes, the new building is one of the twelve king kueishan. Continue driving only 100 meters from the entrance of the scenic spot along the eco link, the left side of the road has opened up a wide road between the village, through the "Twelve king kueishan". To the foot of the mountain, grass, timber structures Yangong temple ruins greets, stepping on the steps of the sleeper laying on the top of the mountain can look at the clear lake beauty yan. Along the white camellia dotted stone ladder to continue, but also to see the peninsula fishing port, Shitai view Island, pine and other green jade Jane node.

scenic responsible person, scenic with minimal intervention, the design methods of the original ecosystem, ecological landscape in Shimabara Guishan are fixed on the basis of green green complex, new green area of more than 15 thousand square meters, as much as possible to retain the natural features of kueishan. "We mention with engineering, a new pedestrian ring Yan Lake and 2.6 km of sightseeing bus tour road, both the first series from the transformation in the Yan Lake House, to create a complete ring of water Yan Lake scenic spot tourism system, is also connected with the scenic spots in the tea garden, through the various scenic spots in the traffic node." The official said that the latter, they also plan to optimize the scenic tourist car lines to facilitate visitors to enjoy the scenic panorama.

people who love to travel to Jiangning to see, there is a good news!

still remember Xiao Ning on a WeChat article mentioned in the

2017 will focus on the construction of these projects! One of the "small town"

2017, Nanjing will promote the overall development of urban and rural areas, high standards of planning and construction of 22 small towns. Accelerate the construction of the beautiful countryside, the construction of 40 demonstration villages, village characteristics of the village, livable village of 100, demonstration area of 200 square kilometers.

this is not Jiangning Lukou fur town also came the good news,

yellow fur town municipal characteristics, selected the first batch of Lukou Town of

recently, the list of the first batch of municipal construction of Nanjing town characteristics and cultivate the published list, the list of Lukou fur town. ;