Chongqing shopping mall fire]_ Chongqing shopping mall fire caused 4 dead and 4 injured in a sudden -公交司机等灯吃饭

The morning of July 14th at 11:50 PM, Yuanjiagang Jiulongpo District in Xincheng city a negative fire. After receiving the report, Jiulongpo immediately launched the emergency plan, the city fire brigade rushed to the Jiulongpo District guidance disposal, government leaders, district level departments and street rushed to the scene disposal. District public security fire brigade mobilized more than 30 fire engines to participate in fire fighting, and arrange for professionals to enter the search and rescue trapped masses. District Public Security Bureau quickly evacuated the surrounding masses, to divert the surrounding traffic. As at 17:20 on the afternoon of 14, killing 4 people were killed and 4 injured, the injured have been sent to the nearest hospital for treatment, without life-threatening. Rehabilitation work in an orderly way, the cause of the fire is under further investigation.
previously reported 14 at 1 pm, members of the public to the Chongqing evening news report, she Yuanjiagang Jiulongpo via small time shopping malls, the shopping mall fire, smoke billowing from the scene, there have been more than ten fire engines rushed to put out the fire…… [
Chongqing mall fire caused 4 deaths and 4 injuries, the incident suddenly scene smoke billowing, what is going on? ] 14 PM, slow news – Chongqing evening news reporter went to the nearby Yuanjiagang small time shopping, can still smell the pungent odor. Around the scene has been surrounded by a cordon, shopping malls and building personnel have been safely evacuated. Several fire engines parked in the upper part of the city of Austrian Yue Department, still operating water spraying, from the outside can not see the fire, the fire has been well controlled. Traffic police are moving traffic around the road, the Yangtze River Road two and sports road car slow. Outside the cordon, Ms. Li told reporters about her experiences. She said she was on duty at No. 4 building, uptown, near the fire scene. "As soon as it was 12 noon, I saw the window glass fogged up, and I wondered how I could get up in the summer."." Ms. Lee said, "our company opened the air conditioning, windows closed, and did not smell anything, but soon the company’s administrative department will call the evacuation, I was aware of such a big fire."." Ms. Li said that she was frightened, the elevator down the stairs, an elevator, only to find out from the safe passage of a lot of people evacuated. Slow news – Chongqing evening news reporter saw that the scene has not been like smoke billowing, but there are fire engines coming from all directions, there have been 3 ambulances from the scene. [
Chongqing mall fire caused 4 deaths and 4 injuries, the incident suddenly scene smoke billowing, what is going on? ] slow news – Chongqing evening news reporter from Jiulongpo relevant department, as of around 13:20, the fire has been brought under control. Although the fire has been controlled, but for security reasons, fire officers and soldiers will fire near the crowd, began to use the car to smoke inside the mall smoke draining. Reporters on the scene saw a large number of uniformed staff and people sitting in a cordon outside the flower bed, then asked to know they are approached by fire emergency evacuation, put a key in the backpack did not carry to go home. It is understood that the small shopping malls are now all the import and export targets.





重庆商场发生火灾造成4死4伤 事发突然现场浓烟滚滚究竟怎么回事?】14时许,慢新闻-重庆晚报记者来到袁家岗小时代商场附近,仍能闻到有刺鼻的气味。现场周边已围上了警戒线,商场及楼内人员也已安全撤离。数辆消防车停在上城奥悦售房部门口,仍在作业喷水,从外已无法看到明火,目前火情已得到了很好的控制。交警正在周边道路疏导交通,长江二路和奥体路车行缓慢。



重庆商场发生火灾造成4死4伤 事发突然现场浓烟滚滚究竟怎么回事?】慢新闻-重庆晚报记者从九龙坡区有关部门获悉,截至13:20左右,火势已经得到控制。虽然火势已被控制,但出于安全起见,消防官兵还是将着火点附近人群疏散,开始使用排烟车对商场内部余烟进行抽排。