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"It looks as if a thief turned my wardrobe, I did not dare say a word…… I’m scared." 15 am 2 pm, who lives in the riverbank area Xiaoqing (a pseudonym) to detect the home noise, afraid she did not call 110, but the choice of 12110 SMS alarm. The police rushed to her home to check, only a false alarm.

"I think it needs popular science to call SMS."." 17, the Yangtze River Daily reporter noted that users "mirror Lea" released micro-blog said, the girl found the thief at home in the middle of the night, dare not call the police, but edit information sent to 12110. Friends of the micro-blog screenshot shows, the girl to "12110" for sending 8 messages, SMS stated in his address, called "like a thief turn my wardrobe for my family and my sister and my mom and my 7 year old nephew" "I dare not speak". 2 minutes later, the message from the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau replied, "OK, yes, the police will be there soon."!" This is a true story! Relevant responsible person told the reporter, the alarm of the girl who lives in Jiang’an District, 15 am, she vaguely heard a sound, a worry, and did not dare to call 110 phone alarm, before the Internet can be heard through the 12110 SMS alarm, immediately issued the message. It is reported that, after receiving the alarm, police station area where the girl first time on site verification, fortunately, is a false alarm — the girl in the family does not have any windows pry marks, there is no sign of outsiders invasion. Police repeatedly comforted the girl and her family before leaving. 17, the Wuhan Public Security Bureau official micro-blog "safe Wuhan" also carried out detailed and detailed scientific popularization of SMS warning. According to reports, the current SMS alarm applicable to the following conditions: 1, not easy to form special telephone voice alarm; 2, such as buses, buses and other small space looting, pickpocketing, fraud, gambling and other illegal and criminal activities by overloading, kidnapping, illegal detention and other personal restrictions, are gambling, prostitution and drug trafficking the complex and inconvenient places; 3 people hearing disabilities, language barriers, voice alarm; 4, only provide clues to the public security organs, without police on-site closed treatment, such as mobile phone SMS fraud report. Police remind the public, directly to the content of the alarm can be sent to 12110, write the alarm message, to briefly and accurately specify the time, place, event properties, special situations and demands, for example at home for help, "thieves, editing room x x x x x unit District Street x x District. The thief!" A reference object, such as a tunnel, a mall, etc, that can be pointed out without specific directions. Police also told the Yangtze River Daily reporter, in Wuhan, in addition to call 110 and 12110 SMS alert, there is an alarm way, that is. “好像有贼翻我家衣柜,我不敢吱声……我很怕。”15日凌晨2时许,家住江岸区的小晴(化名)察觉到家中异响,不敢吱声的她,没有拨打110,而是选择12110短信报警。民警赶到她家中核查,好在只是虚惊一场。


  “我觉得需要科普一下短信报警。”17日,长江日报记者注意到,网友“镜Lea”发布微博称,女孩半夜发现家里进贼,不敢打电话报警,而是编辑信息发送到12110。 网友提供的微博截图显示,女孩给“12110 ”连续发送了8条短信,短信中写明了自家地址,称“好像有贼翻我家衣柜”“家里就我和我姐姐我妈妈和我7岁的侄子”“我不敢吱声”。2分钟后,“湖北省公安厅”的短信回复:“好的,知道了,警察马上到!” 这个事是个真事!相关负责人告诉记者,报警的女孩家住江岸区,15日凌晨,她隐约听到有声响,一时担心,又不敢拨打110电话报警,之前在网上听说过可以通过12110短信报警,当即编发了上述短信。 据悉,接到报警后,女孩所在辖区派出所民警第一时间就上门核查,所幸是虚惊一场――女孩家中门窗并无任何被撬痕迹,也没有外人侵入的迹象。民警反复安慰女孩及其家人后才离开。 17日,武汉市公安局官方微博“平安武汉”也对短信报警进行了详尽细致的科普。据介绍,目前短信报警适用于以下几种条件:1、不方便电话语音报警的特殊形式;2、如在公交车、客车等狭小空间遭遇抢劫、扒窃、设赌诈骗、超载等违法犯罪活动,被绑架、非法拘禁等人身受限制,正在赌博、卖淫和贩毒等复杂场所;3、不方便语音报警的听力障碍人士、语言障碍人士;4、只是向公安机关提供一般线索,无需警察进行现场结案处理,如举报手机短信诈骗等。 警方提醒,市民直接将报警内容发送至12110即可,编写报警短信时,要尽可能简要、准确地写明时间、地点、事件性质、特殊情况以及诉求,例如在家中遭遇小偷,编辑“求助,x市x区x街道x小区x栋x单元x室,现有小偷!”报警;若无法确定具体方位,可指出明显特征的参照物,如隧道、商场等。 民警还告诉长江日报记者,在武汉,除了拨打110及12110短信报警外,还有一种报警方式,就是进入微信公众号“武汉公安”,在微互动里点击“一键报警”,填写警情信息即可。相关的主题文章: