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Caught in the door, 45 year old Natalia Jia Yanukovich handbag brace is to turn off the video display, the other passengers were on the platform when the train dragged eagerly trying to warn the train driver in Natalia. At least one person on the train pulled the emergency pull rod, but the train failed to stop. Reported that the train driver Gianluca Tonelli is currently being investigated by the criminal prosecutor, he said, he did not know until the next stop the moment of the moment. Reported that a report that Natalia in the train near the tunnel wall, close to the body, only to survive. The other passengers finally forced the door open so she could get out of the train. Her spine was damaged and her lungs were perforated and had to be taken to an intensive care unit for treatment.   the woman was dragged to the subway "incident, the financial insurance industry channel said, Metro built in early will by subway company against the engineering insurance, this product includes not only in the process of engineering construction security responsibility, will ensure the metro operation process, due to the occurrence of accidents caused by others (third) personal injury and property damage, small to passengers in the subway safety door jammed, the finger is to package insurance terrorist attacks. Therefore, passengers received damages by subway, the subway company should apply for compensation, the subway company to apply for compensation to the insurance company. 45岁的娜塔莉亚・贾科维奇的手提包背带被关闭的车门夹住,视频显示,其他乘客在娜塔莉亚被列车在站台上拖动的时候急切地试图警告列车司机。列车上至少有一个人拉动了紧急停车拉杆,但列车却未能停下。 报道称,列车司机詹卢卡・托内利目前正受到刑事检察官的调查,他说,他一直到下个车站才了解到这惊魂一刻。报道称,一份报告称,娜塔莉亚在列车接近隧道墙壁时紧贴着车身,才幸免于难。其他乘客最终强行把门打开,好让她与列车脱离。她的脊柱受损,肺部被穿孔,不得不被送往加护病房接受治疗。   对于“女子被地铁拖行”事件,业内人士对金融界保险频道表示,地铁在建初期都会由地铁公司投保地铁工程保险,该产品不仅包括工程建设过程中的保障责任,还会保障地铁运营过程中,因发生意外事故而造成他人(第三者)人身伤亡和财产损失,小到乘客乘坐地铁时手指被安全门夹伤、大到恐怖袭击的一揽子保险保障。所以,乘客因乘坐地铁收到伤害,应向地铁公司申请赔偿,地铁公司再向保险公司申请赔偿。相关的主题文章: