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51vs91 does Hamilton have a chance to challenge the number of champions of Schumacher? Does Hamilton have a chance? After sina sports news last week Mexico station champion, Hamilton equalled 51 Grand Prix champion Prost, wins the number of parallel history second, which means he just behind with Schumacher, but the king in his legendary career in a total of 91 wins. It is hard to imagine even someone close to the record, but the record is born to be broken, given that Hamilton is one of the best drivers in the entire F1, he can have a chance to break Schumacher’s record? There are two key factors: how many years has he been in his career? Can he get a competitive car? This is Hamilton’s tenth season, he is currently the only career in the paddock every year has too much station champion. This is largely because he has the power to obtain the annual car race champion, although not every year have the opportunity to challenge the championship. At the age of 31, Hamilton, at least 5 years at F1. Alonso, 35, is still one of the fastest drivers in the field. But the driver with the increase of age will gradually lose their speed, Hamilton may be in the next few years of life to turn to other drivers in the direction of development, such as music or other races. Let’s take a look at the data and assume that Hamilton will win 5.3 titles per season on average in the remaining two races. And in the past 10.3 seasons, this number is terrible in the United States, the United States and the United States in the past three seasons. It also allows him to use a short span of 4 years from the championship number thirteenth up to second. Hamilton’s performance proved that as long as there is a certain chance he can win, if Mei Ben in the next few years can dominate F1, Hamilton also need 5 years to exceed the Schumacher. However, with the rapid progress of competitors in the past few years, this possibility is not great. Ferrari has a record in the 1999-2004 season, the team achieved during the 6 consecutive years. Hamilton needs to maintain a competitive edge in order to catch up with Schumacher, but he is now more than ever in the past season. In 2014, Hamilton called the ruling, he won 11 races. As a comparison, Schumacher won the 13 championship in 2004, Vitel tied this record in 2013. They all benefit from having a weaker team and they are no doubt a driver. But Hamilton and Rosberg are on the same team and this year is a real challenge for the british. There is no doubt that as long as the Mebon continue to provide a competitive car, Hamilton will win many races before the final decision to retire. But Schumacher’s record is a bit out of reach, the final gap between the may be less than 10, but still can not go beyond. He will no doubt leave a great mark to the young drivers like Vista Pam and Rhine. (Mc.Dull)相关的主题文章: