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50 acres of farmland into a landfill in Anhui County Housing Construction Bureau sentenced illegal Xinhua Hefei October 28th news (reporter Xu Haitao) without legal approval and environmental assessment of the situation, Anhui County of Funan Province Department of housing has more than and 50 acres of agricultural land designated for landfill, ten years has caused serious pollution of villages the surrounding environment. The day before, the prosecution on behalf of the public to the Funan County Housing Authority filed public interest litigation, court of first instance administrative behavior of the Bureau of law, shall be ordered to repair the environment. Funan County town of Miao Miao village is a village on the outskirts of the county. Since 2000, the County Housing Department did not apply in project planning, land approval, environmental assessment and other legal formalities, on behalf of village on the south side of 56.8 acres of agricultural land designated as landfill, and the organization within the jurisdiction of this garbage dump and pile up. Because there is no protection measures, causing serious pollution to the surrounding villages and nearby rivers, the masses of great views. It is understood that the Funan County Environmental Protection Bureau in March 2014 to the County Housing Department issued a notice of environmental monitoring, order rectification law, but the I am still my old self. In April this year, Funan County Procuratorate issued a proposal to the County Housing Authority, urging the agency to correct violations and remedy the environment. Although the Council said it had rectification, but still continue to pile up garbage, did not take technical protective measures. The day before, Funan County procuratorate to Funan County Housing Authority filed public interest litigation, Funan County Court confirmed the County Housing Authority will act as the administrative behavior of landfill use of Miao temple village agricultural land illegal, ordered in 2018 before the end of the landfill are harmless, ecological environment repair area. Anhui is one of the public interest litigation to carry out the 13 pilot areas of the NPC Standing Committee authorized the Supreme People’s procuratorate. Funan this case, but also to carry out the first trial in Anhui since the trial of administrative public interest litigation. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: