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35 God wave a career high 22 points victory over Nicks muskmelon home court piston – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record hot friends Beijing time on November 17th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Nicks New York team against the Detroit pistons at home court! After four day of fierce battle, the final score of 105-102 Nicks to win the piston. The Nikos Pohl Zingis feel hot, have the highest 35 points, the highest refresh occupation career; Zhuangshen firing back, with two pairs of data. Nicks side, Bohr Tianjin Hodges 35 points and 7 rebounds, Anthony 22 points and 5 rebounds, Ross 15 points and 5 rebounds, Nuo A 7 points and 15 rebounds; off the bench, Justin holiday with 9 points and 5 rebounds. The piston side, Zhuangshen 19 points and 9 rebounds, Harris 19 points and 10 rebounds, 21 points and 4 rebounds pop off the bench; Jean Lehr outstanding performance, with 17 points and 9 rebounds. Both scores (Nicks in front), 29-27; 25-22; 27-25; 24-28. The beginning of the first section, Nuo A free throws for the first score of Nicks, Harris, Maurice hit 2 points have responded. The two sides you come to me, piston Harris hit the first 3 points in the first quarter, Pohl Zingis immediately to color. The piston was hit two times, after the two sides have a rise in the score, the final Nicks to 29-27 lead piston of 2 points, into the sub section. The second section of the game, piston replacement force, especially Dudley, Johnson, Joan – ray hit 2 points! The first section of the state hot Tianjin Keith Nicks Bohr arranged the festival opening day 10 points, both sides hit 10 than 8! Harris and the village god together contributed 10 points to prevent the difference was pulled. After the festival, Bohr Tianjin Hodges single contribution of 16 points, Nicks 54-49 piston. Easy side battles, Courtney Lee, Anthony, Ross to play 10-4 wave of attacks. Subsequently, Zhuang and Harris hit a wave of 6-0 to fight back. The story immediately reverse, Anthony and Bohr Tianjin Hodges joint contribution to a wave of 7-0, the score gap to two digits. Pinch, pop and Jean rehl has hit three record 3 points, to narrow the difference to single digits! With Maurice hit 2 points to 7 points behind 74-81, the piston into the distal. The distal start, 2 separate piston Harris Festival, Nicks substitute Kell – Oquinn two penalty two to fight back. Anthony hit 3 minutes later, Nicks once extended the lead to 12 points. The last time the distal, piston oiwake, Popper and Smith have hit 3 points, but Ross declined two penalty two, the score was tied. Nicks finally 105-102 to win the piston! Nicks starting lineup: Cameron – Anthony, Joe – Nuo A, Kim Courtney Lee, Derek Ross, Christa Pohl Zingis Phillips piston starting lineup: Smith ezzamel, Marcus – Maurice, Harris, Ken Tarver Jos Tabiyasi – Caldwe, Andre – Drummond Pope, (Yan Xiaobai)相关的主题文章: