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31 and 33 ball Lavon is the Bayern post 1 data Messi C Luo also ashamed of Lavon in the hands of the world I have [collection] Bayern Munich 2-0 Hoffenheim Lavon scored two of the continuation of sports news February 1st unbeaten home court Tencent sometimes must praise Bayern high resolution, when they are in order to retain Mario Gomes, repaying the legendary striker Keluoze, in order to give out the former position, Man Giulia Kikki Teng hero Gomes, and Lavon in order to give enough space to discipline Man Giulia Kikki they chose to leave the grounds to sell striker did not live up to high expectations. Today’s Bundesliga No. two striker Lavon is even better at that! Lavon said: "I have in the hands of the world" is not too early? Not early! Lavon, the current momentum is very reminiscent of Bayern legend Alberta, even after the Brazilian Ma Kai, Toni, Keluoze, Gomes and Man Giulia Kikki are famous, but few like Lavon stable and efficient shooter. At the beginning of 2014, Lavon announced to join Bayern in summer, public clamor: "it should be Bayern rare sign of the world’s top five shooters." After two seasons, Lavon has proved that he deserves the top five in the world"! Look at Bayern 2-0 Huo village one battle: thirty-second minutes, Costa left the bottom of the pass, the well-known central defender strangled with Lavon, but the poles still in the ball rolling to the front of the door a moment to get rid of the opponent, fell to the ground shovel broken stiff. Prior to this, Robben had 3 shots to the right corner of the restricted zone, and Lavon’s first attempt hit the target, which was just Lavon’s second attempt to shoot – and the YISHION shooter. Sixty-fourth minutes, Rahm in the restricted area before the ball plug out, Lavon lowered his head against the defender, then goalkeeper Bauman has to attack small area on the edge of Bayern No. 9 to the village hall again clever lob goal. The two shots, the first is a pure shooter type of violence, second are technical diving midfielder type 42 jack, mobile location before Lavon is low head to move but knew the goalkeeper, the use of more skilled footwork is free. This two shots include the characteristics of C Luomeixi two, smart C Ronaldo was strong, Messi, Lavon shows up in a person. The second half of the war, the 2 round, Lavon arranged all 4 goals in Bayern, this season’s league goal has reached 19, from the top scorer Aubameyang only 1 ball gap. This season, Lavon 4 line combat 31 games, 33 goals (including the national team competition), averaging 1 balls, is to reach the pinnacle of life. Look back at the field data: Lavon touched the ball 38 times, ball 20 times, scoring 5 goals in 2 12, running distance of 10700 meters sprint, 17 times, speed of 31.3 kilometers. Mighty center again hard, if Lavon continues to such a state, next year the Golden Globe Awards ceremony must not C Luomeixi errenzhuan. The rival Lavon Bauman was already good enough, but it can be met Lavon’s victims: Poland striker Bauman 10 face, 12 break he guarded the goal (including its effectiveness during the Freiburg). Lavon and Muller also created a record of two people, now has 33 goals in the 19 round, Nuremberg combined Bruns beyond the 1967-68 season (20 goals) and the centre)

31战33球莱万乃拜仁支柱 1数据梅西C罗也汗颜莱万在手天下我有 【集锦】拜仁慕尼黑2-0霍芬海姆 莱万梅开二度延续主场不败 腾讯体育2月1日讯 有时候必须得赞一赞拜仁高层的决断力,当年他们为了留住马里奥-戈麦斯、清退了传奇射手克洛泽,为了给曼朱基奇腾位置、撵走了昔日功臣戈麦斯,又为了给莱万足够的空间、以违纪为由卖出曼朱基奇——他们选择留下的前锋都没有辜负高层的期望。如今的德甲二号射手莱万,更为此中翘楚!说“莱万在手天下我有”是不是言之过早?并不早!莱万目前的势头很容易让人想起拜仁名宿埃尔伯,即便巴西人之后的马凯、托尼、克洛泽、戈麦斯、曼朱基奇均为名将,但鲜有像莱万这样稳定且高效的射手。2014年初莱万宣布夏天加盟拜仁时,舆论鼓噪:“这应该是拜仁不多见地签下的世界排名前五射手了。”两个赛季不到,莱万已证明自己确实配得上“世界前五”!来看拜仁2-0霍村一役:第32分钟,科斯塔左路下底传中,知名中卫具勒死缠莱万,但波兰人还是在皮球滚向门前的一刻摆脱对手,倒地铲射破僵。在此之前,罗本有3次内切至禁区右角的射门均稍稍偏出,莱万的第1次尝试则命中目标,破僵射门仅是莱万第2次尝试射门——且以纯射手的方式。第64分钟,拉姆在禁区前塞出好球,莱万低着头倚靠着中卫,这时门将鲍曼已出击到小禁区边上,拜仁9号巧妙挑射再次叩开霍村球门。这两次射门,第一次属纯射手型的暴力抢点、第二次则属技术型中场式的四两拔千斤,挑射前莱万虽低着头但早已洞悉门将的移动位置,脚法运用更是自如娴熟。这两次射门囊括了C罗梅西二人的特点,C罗之强壮、梅西之灵动,在莱万一人身上展现出来。下半程开战2轮,莱万包办拜仁所有4个进球,本赛季其联赛进球已达19粒,距射手榜榜首的奥巴梅扬只1球差距。本赛季莱万4线作战31场33球(包括国家队比赛),场均超1球更是达到生涯巅峰。回看本场数据:莱万触球38次、传球20次、射门12中5进2球,跑动距离为10700米、冲刺17次、极速31.3公里 时。威力无边的中锋再兢兢业业些,若莱万继续这样的状态,明年的金球奖颁奖盛典一定不是C罗梅西二人转。此役莱万的对手鲍曼表现得已足够出色,可怎奈遇到莱万这样的苦主:波兰前锋10次面对鲍曼,12次攻破他把守的球门(包括其效力弗赖堡期间)。莱万和穆勒也创造了一项纪录,如今二人19轮已入33球,超越了1967-68赛季的纽伦堡组合布伦斯(20球)和施特雷尔(12球),成为德甲同期最高效攻击组。这还不算啥,本赛季莱万联赛效率是77分钟 球,梅西(100分钟 球)和C罗(118分钟 球)也汗颜吧?(谷琳)相关的主题文章: