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The 2016 Super League final round bodied all – Beijing Yangcheng Evening News reporter Su Nymphoides: today in the 2016 Super League final round, Guangzhou bodied North Shijiazhuang Yongchang challenge. This has little significance for both sides, only for the R & F team is ranked fifth in the League final effort; ahead of a downgrade of Shijiazhuang Yongchang is the fight for honor. R & F team coach Stojkovic revealed that the team a lot of injuries, hoping to gather together 11 people to participate in the game. R & F team in recent days or prepare normally, but to only 9 degrees Celsius in Shijiazhuang, people began to have a fever, and some players injured, he even worried that you would not scrape up the 11 man squad for tonight’s game, he is likely to give young players a chance to play more. In Sri Lanka’s view, the two sides are no pressure tonight, is likely to play a very interesting game. "Both teams want to win, and Shijiazhuang will fight for honor, and we will do our best. When the two teams have no pressure, the game will be very interesting, the two sides will play very open, very exciting. Of course, it is very clear that we will not use the reserve team to play, every game seriously go all out, or we may be making fun of us." This season, the team has always been regarded as a model of R & F 532 lineup, Jiang Zhipeng and Tang Miao wings plug play, often for striker dedication assists. ‘the last battle will not change the squad,’ he said, ‘because the change will not help the next year. He also took the initiative to clarify the team: "there is a little like that, we never hit the 532 lineup no, we were 343 – sometimes I saw on the Internet that R & F team is 532 – I’ll have some doubts. Each system has its advantages, the key lies in the implementation of the players." From previous confrontation, the two teams in the three Super Battle 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative ". The first leg of the season, Shijiazhuang, Yongchang away to 2 to 4 against the R & F team, last season, Shijiazhuang, Yongchang home win. In addition, the final round of the four games related to the last relegation places, including five teams coach for South korea. Four games were Changchun Yatai home court against Shanghai Shenhua, Hangzhou Greentown home court against Yanbian Fu Tak, Tianjin TEDA away to Chongqing Lifan, Liaoning Hongyun home court against Jiangsu suning. The Changchun Yatai Li Zhangzhu, Hangzhou Greentown Hong Mingfu, Suning Jiangsu cuilong Zhu, Chongqing Lifan Zhang Wailong and Yanbian coach Pu Taixia hilder are korean.相关的主题文章: