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2016 the international forum for the training of resident doctors in the United States – the training of health residents in Sohu is an important way to cultivate medical talents, and also the key to the development of qualified medical graduates. After nearly a hundred years, the first class medical school represented by Peking Union Medical College Hospital has played an important role in guiding and demonstrating the establishment and development of resident training system in china. 2016 union residency training International Forum last year, the Planning Commission and the Ministry of education in the national health under the guidance of "2015 union hospital physician training international forum was successfully held in Beijing," Chinese residency training elite teaching hospital alliance "was formally established. In order to further promote the construction of teachers China residency training in the process of reporting elite teaching hospital alliance a year to work, "2016 Concord Hospital International Forum" will be held in Peking Union Medical College Hospital physician training academic hall on September 10, 2016. The forum will focus on improving the ability of the residents of the training of teachers to carry out the subject of in-depth discussions and exchanges. By then, the national health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of education, the Department of human resources and social foundation of the United States, China Medical Foundation, Chinese Medical Doctor Association will visit the guidance. Domestic and foreign experts from the American College of physicians, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Chicago and the China Association of elite training hospital doctors training and medical education experts will also be invited to attend the general assembly. Sincerely invite you to participate! The international forum registration fee of 1000 yuan, the expiration of the national I class to continue medical education credit. This registration of the conference participants in advance registration and payment advice. Participants can be registered by mail, after receiving confirmation mail to pay registration fees. Registration fee of 1000 yuan, the deadline is September 4th (date of remittance). Sign up for email application theme named "registration + name + name of participants". Please specify the following information: name, unit, position, contact information. (transfer payment to the bank for the public window) account name: China Academy of Medical Sciences Peking Union Medical College Hospital account: 1100101870005999 9999 Bank: China Construction Bank Beijing Branch 1) on behalf of the payment voucher through bank transfer, bank remittance voucher will be scanned or photographed retained; 2) payment confirmation mail subject named "name + name + proof of payment delegates". If a message contains more than one person to pay proof, you need to specify the name of the participants in the mail content, units and duties. Send to: zpfhpumch@163; 3) advance registration deadline: September 4, 2016. After the project team received the message, the payment will be checked, and the reply will be confirmed. Receive the invoice in advance registration: has completed the registration and payment in advance of the participants can receive invoices on the spot; site registration: only after the payment of individual participants on behalf of the scene according to the receipt, in exchange for a positive code相关的主题文章: