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During the 2016 Autumn Auction curtain Wu Guanzhong "Hetang" billions of dollars in new network – the National Day holiday, poly, two Juchui Sotheby’s auction house in Hongkong, marking the 2016 domestic autumn auction curtain. Wu Guanzhong "Hetang" billions of dollars "Xiangjiang Qiubi" Qianlong emperor Qin record by poly "Hetang" topped the October 2nd to 4, Hongkong poly autumn auction will be held in Hongkong in 2016. This auction presents 1800 pieces of art treasures, the total valuation of more than HK $700 million. The 3 day of the auction, Hongkong poly 2016 Autumn Auction launched a total of 14 special, the total turnover of nearly $1 billion 115 million, including Wu Guanzhong "Hetang" gained the most attention. The morning of October 3rd, the 2016 Hongkong poly autumn auction "Chinese and Asian contemporary art" concert in Hongkong Juchui, a total of 133 fine on the film, including Wu Guanzhong, "Hetang" to HK $55 million to HK $90 million starting, hammer, transaction price of HK $106 million 200 thousand. It is understood that Wu Guanzhong’s ink has experienced four stages: the last century 70s adaptation period of ink media, on 80s the silver century period of last century in the early 90s and late 90s of last century black during the mature period of integration. Beginning in 1997, Wu Guanzhong ushered in the peak of his creative career, the work of this stage than ever more emphasis on the artistic conception of expression, to a large extent, changed his past too much emphasis on aesthetic practice. Wu Guanzhong once said: "abstract beauty is the core of formal beauty." This piece of "Hetang" is the mature period of the representative works, the overall size is slightly abstract, magnificent, shows nearly ripe old age Wu Guanzhong challenge self determination. Poly Hongkong Auction Co., Ltd. Zhao Xu, director, said: this autumn shoot 14 special performances are ideal. From the turnover, the Chinese and Asian contemporary art, contemporary ink and jewelry has become the highest turnover of the three plates. The total of 3 Auction turnover of billions of dollars, including Wu Guanzhong Cui Ruzhuo, "" Lotus "autumn" shake Tsui and a group of two D color and flawless character type IIA white diamond round america." Following last season Wu Guanzhong’s "Zhouzhuang" broke the Asian contemporary art auction record, the autumn auction of Wu Guanzhong’s "Hetang" and "Chang Yu floral blankets on the pink nude" are at a price. Please the Emperor Qianlong of Sotheby’s organ, Yuxi, October 1st to 5, 2016 Sotheby’s Hongkong autumn auction will be held at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center, China auction covers art, calligraphy and painting, Chinese China ancient paintings, contemporary ink art, contemporary Asian art, contemporary Asian art, modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian art etc.. 5 days of auction, Sotheby’s Hongkong launched a total of more than 4000 auction, the total turnover of HK $2 billion 200 million. In October 5th at the auction, the auction of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong "Xiangjiang focus Qiubi" Qin eventually traded price of HK $55 million 640 thousand to refresh auction record Chinese instruments in the Qing dynasty. Another "grand Emperor Qianlong jade jade treasure" dragon button Fangxi with 80 million Hong Kong dollars a hammer)相关的主题文章: