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20 eat crayfish   renal injury — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: 20 eat crayfish renal injury in crayfish itself does not cause rhabdomyolysis, but in the breeding and production process can not clean, director of Department of Nephrology Guangdong No.2 People’s Hospital medical director of pathogenic physician Wu Xixin lying in Guangdong No.2 People’s Hospital medical bed, Xiao Yang, recalled the past 10 days, unconsciously will say "what will fall to me". If you want to eat a meal supper will eat "rhabdomyolysis syndrome", hospitalized 10 days, spent nearly 10 thousand yuan, small Yang Yexu night will point the dish — crayfish. The hospital’s medical experts said that crayfish itself does not cause rhabdomyolysis, but in the breeding and production process may be a lack of clean and disease. A snack crayfish morning was woke up from the pain from Hubei, 30 year old Xiao Yang and his wife in Guangzhou has been engaged in the clothing business. In August 12th, the summer home child care Yang wife just home from Hubei back to Guangzhou, in order to "honor" wife, called a few friends in the stall for supper, a table of dishes, and finally on crayfish when a few friends all have to eat just tasted a few, Kobayashi afraid to waste my stomach to eat on the go again, "what are the estimated ate more than and 20". That night, Xiao Yang returned home after began to feel nausea and vomiting, trying to fall asleep. 4 in the morning, sleep little Yang suddenly woke up feeling, aching muscles, body indisposed, afraid to wake his wife, just walked into the living room to stretch, did not expect the two arms just want to do some stretching, but feel the body did not force, whole body twitching up, "like all cramped, huddled together, did not move, no matter how stretch is the exhibition is not open, then began to feel difficulty in breathing". Because the body curled almost unable to move, breathing difficulties to make small Yang’s voice is very small, so called 1 minutes did not wake up his wife, fortunately have dinner with friends on the phone yesterday to take the car, only to discover the awakened his wife has been very uncomfortable Yang, several people together Xiao Yang sent to the hospital. Think of the onset of the scene, Xiao Yang still feel a little weird, but also thought it was too cold air conditioning, body cramps". Eat a stretch of creatine kinase in renal injury to the hospital Xiao Yang did not think it is a serious illness, is feeling uncomfortable, "ride not, could not stand still, lying also lying down", the people can only sit. However, the doctor’s diagnosis is not the same: after the inquiry and detection of emergency physicians, found that Yang creatine kinase is greater than 2000, the "mild rhabdomyolysis syndrome", the doctor advised Xiao Yang to stay in the emergency room treatment. 8 hours later, Xiao Yang finally lying in bed, but only up to 5000 creatine kinase, 20 times higher than the upper limit of normal, urine became the color of soy sauce, and renal function injury after the examination began, hematuria, urinary protein, urine are beginning to emerge, liver function and heart function are the problem, Yang Ma by referral to nephrology began treatment)相关的主题文章: