12 year old foreign girl to do birth inspection department confirmed that 2 suspects were kidnapped -p8400

12 year old foreign girl to do inspection confirmation department was abducted and sold 2 suspects were detained, Jiangsu Xuzhou Public Security Bureau copper mountain branch official micro-blog screenshot foreign girls. Source: "Xuzhou City morning" in new network on 7 October, Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau of Xuzhou City branch of the copper mountain in its official tonight micro-blog released the police: a girl in Copper Mt. on October 5th by the police investigation (pregnant) allegedly abducted suspects Liu XX (male, 35 years old) suspected of buying abducted women and children crime under criminal detention according to law, the case is being further processed. Copper Mt. police had informed that in October 4, 2016 11 pm, police received a suspected trafficking Quanshan a girl (pregnant) alarm. Police rushed to the scene of the Central Hospital, the relevant parties to the police station for further processing. October 4th 22 am, the police will transfer this clue to Quanshan territorial jurisdiction of the Copper Mt. police. After investigation, Copper Mt. police on October 5th investigation, and suspected of trafficking in women and children of the crime suspect Xie Moumou (female, 47 years old) and suspected of buying abducted women and children of the crime suspect Liu Moumou (male, 35 years old) summoned to review. Thanks for being arrested on suspicion of abducting and trafficking in women and children, criminal detention was carried out according to law.

12岁外籍女孩做产检确认系遭拐卖 2名嫌疑人被刑拘 江苏省徐州市公安局铜山区分局官方微博截图 外籍小女孩。来源:徐州《都市晨报》   中新网10月7日电 江苏省徐州市公安局铜山区分局今晚在其官方微博发布警方通报:铜山警方于10月5日立案侦查的一女孩(已怀孕)涉嫌被拐卖的案件犯罪嫌疑人刘某某(男、35岁)因涉嫌收买被拐卖妇女儿童罪依法被刑事拘留,案件正在进一步办理中。   铜山警方此前曾通报称,2016年10月4日11时许,泉山警方接到一起涉嫌拐卖一名女孩(已怀孕)的报警。民警迅速赶到现场市中心医院,将相关当事人带至派出所做进一步处理。10月4日22时许,泉山警方将此线索移交给属地管辖权的铜山警方。   经多方调查,铜山警方于10月5日立案侦查,并对涉嫌拐卖妇女儿童罪的犯罪嫌疑人谢某某(女、47岁)及涉嫌收买被拐卖妇女儿童罪的犯罪嫌疑人刘某某(男、35岁)传唤审查。谢某某因涉嫌拐卖妇女儿童罪依法被刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: