57What is China’s economy in August A number of indicators to pick up the livelihood of the people sta|What is China’s economy in August A number of indicators to pick up the livelihood of the people sta7

What is China’s economy in August? A number of indicators to pick up the livelihood of the people’s livelihood stability – Beijing, September (Xinhua) 14, China’s economic operation in August? Official data show that in August the national economy has a good stability, investment, consumption, exports and other key data appear to pick up. People’s livelihood indicators continue to remain stable, which, 1-8 months of urban employment 9 million 480 thousand people, to complete the annual target of about 95%, the price is also running low. Although prices are still rising, but the first tier cities and a small number of hot city house prices began to fall, the initial rise in the initial momentum to curb. Data chart. Zhang Weiming take a number of key data to pick up a good – three carriages performance warmer in August China’s economy? In 13, the State Information Office held a press conference, the National Bureau of Statistics spokesman Sheng Yun said, in August, some indicators have improved, the national economy continued to maintain steady, steady development trend, Naka Yujin is good. Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter combing the official release of the data found, including investment, consumption, export, three carriages, including a number of key data to pick up. Data show that investment growth showed signs of stabilization, August fixed asset investment growth of 8.2%, up 4.3 percentage points higher than in July; in August the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 10.6% nominal growth, the growth rate of 0.4 percentage points last month to speed up; the growth rate of both import and export in August, the export growth of 5.9%, up 4.2 percentage points higher than last month, the growth rate of imports from negative to positive. For the performance of the import and export data more dazzling, the study of international financial Chinese Bank senior researcher Zhou Jingtong told reporters on the new site, the low base last year, external demand improved, higher commodity prices is an important reason for the August import and export data better. "A combination of multiple factors, so there is a positive change in exports, but not blindly optimistic, or to observe, do a good job in all aspects of the work, to consolidate this positive change." Sheng Yun reminder. Data chart. Photo by Zhang Bin continue to maintain a stable livelihood indicators — employment of the annual target of about 95% in the people’s livelihood index, Washington reporter noted that the employment of the annual target of about 95%, the price is also low, which continues to maintain a stable posture. In terms of employment, Sheng Yun said, in August 1 million 130 thousand new urban jobs, a total of 1-8 months to reach 9 million 480 thousand people, accounting for nearly 95% of the annual target, the 31 big city survey of urban unemployment rate despite a slight rebound, but basically stable at around 5.1%, the overall employment is relatively stable. In terms of prices, the data show that prices are still running low. Among them, in August CPI rose 1.3%, or down by 0.5 percentage points. 1-8 month CPI rose 2%, is still around the control target of about 3%. "The current supply of consumer goods is relatively adequate, the lack of power to price increases, some food prices appear relatively

13[] braised meatballs when eating the dish at the most love to eat and drink – Sohu|[] braised meatballs when eating the dish at the most love to eat and drink – Sohu0

[the] small dish of braised meatballs when eating the food and drink the love feast – Sohu I remember when I was young and adults to eat them, most looking forward to, the love is the braised meatballs. Bite in the mouth with meat stuffing, the more chewing the more flavor. Now, occasionally do some, fried in the refrigerator after the good, with the food to do with, very convenient. The following details on the practice of this dish, we hope to be useful. The first step in the preparation of specific methods: prepare ingredients. Pork 400 grams (three points to seven points, the best thin) and ginger, onion appropriate amount of rape. The second step: to cut green onions, ginger slices, and then clear into the bowl, then pour 20 ml of water for 10 minutes. Clean the rape. The third step: start with stuffing balls. To add a little sesame oil in meat stuffing, and then in one direction of stirring, the meat stuffing more and more sticky. The fourth step: to add 1 teaspoons of salt in the meat stuffing, half spoon chicken, 1 tablespoons soy sauce, soy sauce and half spoon evenly stirring in one direction. The fifth step: the onion ginger water, water two times into the meat stuffing, every one to be in one direction and stir evenly. Sixth step: put half the egg white, 2 tablespoons of starch in meat stuffing to then stir evenly in one direction. After mixing well can be forced to beat a few times meat stuffing, making it more energetically. The seventh step: pour some oil in the pot, and then opened fire to four, 50%. Take the right amount of meat stuffing into the hands, with the place out of a ball, as shown in fig.. The eighth step: use the spoon balls into the pot, small fire fried. The ninth step: fried meatballs to the surface of brown, remove and reserve when float. The tenth step: pour a little pot of oil, oil into hot water just Jiang Hecong, stir fried flavor. The eleventh step: to the pot into 1 spoonfuls of soy sauce, a spoonful of sugar, stir evenly, and then poured into the 1 bowl of water, and then pour the water into the water, and then pour into the water in the 1 bowls of water. Figure twelfth: put the balls into the pot and simmer for 1 minutes. The thirteenth step: the rape into the pot cook 30 seconds. Add half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of chicken seasoning. The fourteenth step: to pour into the pot a little water starch, once again, you can turn off the fire after boiling out of food. When you are cooking this dish, what problems can be added to WeChat "leyou517" inquiries. I will answer one by one. Please pay more attention to the WeChat public number "Le kitchen" or directly add "leyou517"